MRP Reissue

Requirements for a MRP re-issue:

Any Bangladesh citizen who has valid Machine Readable Passport (MRP) that has been expired recently or will expire soon can also apply Bangladesh Embassy in Tripoli for re-issue new MRP (Machine Readable Passport). The old MRP holders are requested to start MRP applications process at least 4 month before the validity of expires dates. The following things are required to send to Embassy by registered post to start new MRP application process:

  1. Filled-in MRP Online Application Form (with bar code) printed copy
  2. 01 (one) copy recent passport size photograph
  3. 01 (one) set of photocopy of existing valid Bangladesh Passport (1-5 page)
  4. Photocopy of applicant’s National ID Card or Digital Birth Certificate
  5. Copy of valid Student ID card/labour document (If anyone wants student/labour discount)
  6. Payment for MRP to Embassy  (USD 110,- normal; USD 33 for students/Labours). Payment should be made at embassy cash counter. 
  7. Copy of marriage certificate (If marital status has changed and the applicant wants to include spouse name in the new MRP)
  8. For any kind of amendment / correction in the application form (for MRP issue/ reissue), the applicant must be present in Person in the Embassy.

The Applicant must show his original passport. In case of passport lost, the applicant must bring the copy of police diary. 

Delivery of passport:

Applicants should check the Embassy website/social media page for confirmation of arrival of passports from Dhaka. Upon confirmation from the Embassy the applicant shall come to the Embassy in person along with his or her old Bangladesh Passport, present the delivery slip and the old passport to the counter and sign the acknowledgement of receipt. New MRP will be handed over along with the old passport (with observation or cancellation seal).